Amy Robichaud

Honourable senators, I am happy to announce that Canada has chosen one of its future prime ministers, and she has a history in this chamber.

University of Ottawa student Amy Robichaud, who worked as a Senate page for two years, is the winner of the CBC’s national contest, “Canada’s Next Great Prime Minister” — and $50,000 is not too bad an award in this day and age.

The jury for the show chose Amy on her speech performance, her knowledge of current affairs, her originality and self-confidence and her ability to problem solve. I would like to think that maybe a few of those skills could have been acquired during her stint as a Senate page.

Amy is originally from Alberta, but chose to attend university in Ottawa because this is a bilingual city and so that she could become involved in the Senate Page Program. She has thrived at the University of Ottawa, studying political science and public administration, and she is also the president of the University of Ottawa’s English Debating Society.

As the senator for Ottawa-Rideau Canal, I am proud that Amy chose the University of Ottawa as the place to study. As a senator, I am proud to have worked with her and to have known her.

Congratulations, Amy. We are proud of you. Canada needs your intelligence, your convictions and your tremendous skills.

Enjoy your prize, Amy, and stride through the doors now open to you. Just make sure that you make your way back to Parliament Hill. We need you.