Charity Chill: Senator Jim Munson denounces government for its attacks on charities

OTTAWA – Today, the Ontario Liberal senator questioned the Leader of the Government in the Senate, the Honourable Marjory LeBreton, over comments made last week by Senator Nicole Eaton. The Conservative senator openly accused the United Church of Canada of playing politics instead of doing religious work. Senator Munson expressed his outrage over her remarks: “Senator Eaton has repeatedly pushed the limit in her war on charities but this attack on the United Church is the final straw.”

He noted this charity chill is part of an elaborate, sophisticated campaign to smear anyone who advocates for legitimate causes that the Conservative government simply does not like.

For several months, Senator Eaton and her Conservative colleagues in the Senate have questioned the motives of charitable organizations promoting social housing, poverty reduction and the protection of the environment. They believe such groups should not have a say in public policy. Now, their sights are set on religious institutions that dare to question government policies.

“These are McCarthy-style witch hunts. First, it was international development organizations such as KAIROS, then charities, and now churches. Who will be next?” asked Senator Munson.

He added: “The government has no place in the pews of the United Church of Canada.”