Cuts to Canada summers jobs program harm children with autism

Immediate release


While many Canadian children are looking forward to camp this summer, children with autism in Toronto and Nova Scotia are out of luck thanks to $55 million in government cuts to the Canada Summer Jobs Program.


This program, which is said to provide federal grants to not-for-profit and community organizations so they can hire students, benefits young people who acquire work experience, skills, and earn money for their studies.  It also helps employers deal with staff shortages in busy summer months.  Most of all, it benefits Canadians, many children, and in some cases, children with special needs who will be unable to enjoy summer camps that are now denied them.  “This is so unfair,” said Senator Jim Munson, “I am pleading with the federal government to show compassion and restore the funding.”


With its narrow focus on five priorities, it was only a matter of time before the full impact of the government’s mean-spirited budget cuts made themselves felt by students who find themselves with no job, employers who find themselves short-staffed, and by Canadians of all walks of life who counted on the services this program helped deliver.