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Cannabis Bill - Motion in Amendment Negatived

Honourable senators, I thought I would add a little lighthearted levity to the end of our debate with a message that I wrote.

The senators came to debate,

and debate they did.

What captured their curiosity was cannabis

and should it be legalized

instead of decriminalized.

But what they realized

is that this was no ordinary issue,

and sides were drawn.

Every day brought a new dawn of ideas.

Some were for and some were against,

and every senator put up a great defence.

Dealing with the black market

as opposed to an open market;

dealing with public health and education,

taking a look at the habits of a new generation.

Questions were asked,

statements were made,

but in the Senate of Canada,

no one was afraid,

afraid to take a stand

because each senator knew they had a hand

in dealing with a bill

which would change the landscape of the land.

At the end of the day,

they amended the bill.

Some were accepted;

some were rejected.

But in the words of a song that some may understand,

it is time to pass the bill,

pass the dutchie to the left-hand side.

Senators, if you don’t understand the last line,

I will explain outside.

Thank you very much.


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