Health Care for Seniors

Honourable senators, while it’s always good to look after your plumbing, it’s also always good to look after your cardiovascular system.

There’s a clinic going on today, sponsored by the Canadian Medical Association. Representatives from the Canadian Medical Association are meeting with parliamentarians all day today; perhaps you’ve had those meetings. They’re here to discuss the need for action on seniors’ care in light of the projected doubling of Canadians aged 65 and older in the next 25 years with diabetes and cardiovascular issues.

I want to remind you briefly that there is a cardiovascular and diabetes risk assessment clinic for parliamentarians in the Commonwealth Room, 238-S Centre Block, until four o’clock this afternoon. If you walk out this afternoon and walk back here, you’ll be fine.

I congratulate those of you who are taking a moment from your busy schedules to meet with a physician today and encourage all honourable senators to visit the clinic for their ten-year risk assessment of cardiovascular disease and six-year risk of diabetes.