Mental Health Support for Refugees

Hon. Jim Munson: As Chair of the Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights, I share the same sentiments as Senator Ataullahjan. When you make your representations to government, we believe that a focus should be on more help for those who have mental health issues. It seems to be an overlooked issue. With post-traumatic stress disorder, the stress of leaving a refugee zone, leaving a war zone, living in a new country, not knowing the language, mental health is extremely important.

Since we have taken leadership on that issue in the Senate, where the idea of a Mental Health Commission came into play, we’d like to ask you to please make the representation of having more professionals involved at the federal level with all of these families.

Hon. Peter Harder (Government Representative in the Senate): Again, I thank the honourable senator for his question and for his leadership in this study. I would be happy to undertake to convey the specific points he makes, as well as the overall report and the recommendations that senators have made in their important work.