Motion to Suspend the Honourable Senator Pamela Wallin—Motion in Amendment

Your Honour, it is late in the day, almost four o’clock. I was going to speak on Monday, maybe Tuesday, maybe Wednesday, maybe the following week, because that’s how important this debate is.

Honourable senators, I am standing here and I would rather be talking about autism. I would rather be talking about the Special Olympics. I would rather be talking about children with disabilities. I would rather be talking and promoting our National Child Day that we have here in the Senate in November, which you preside over, Your Honour. I’m sure that many other senators who have been involved in many causes in parts of the country would rather be talking about the things that they do in their particular fields of expertise.

I think I would rather be talking about, believe or not, the Speech from the Throne. It seems like a decade ago that we had the Governor General here in that very seat of yours, Your Honour, outlining the government’s agenda for the next couple of years. I don’t think that happened because the government has not even talked about it itself, no one on your side. It hasn’t been introduced. We haven’t spoken about any of these things.

We haven’t spoken about any vision. We haven’t talked about any legislation. This place has come to a stop because we are being held hostage, in a way, by having these three motions of suspension, motions that I disagree with because I have said it this week, and I say it in very simple terms: This is Canada, for Pete’s sake, a democratic country where rights should be protected, where due process and due diligence should be handled in a delicate and proper way, but we are getting in the way of investigations that are going on right now. RCMP investigations are taking place, and we find ourselves in a position where we’re pre-judging. We are pre-judging what may or may not happen in the very near future.

The amendments by my leader and deputy leader seem to make common sense. As has been said, we are a chamber of sober second thought, and why can’t we sit back here for a moment, get together and have our leaders negotiate something which makes sense? Let’s have the three senators appear before the Rules Committee, to have their lawyers in that same room.

We’ve had so many documents produced in the last three or four days which I haven’t read, haven’t even looked at. So at this particular point, I’d just like to say, Mr. Speaker, as we approach 4:00, that I support the motion by my leader for the amendment.