National Arts Centre – Congratulations on Fortieth Anniversary

Honourable senators, I call to your attention an important anniversary. This year marks the fortieth anniversary of Canada’s National Arts Centre. With several stages, including the largest one in North America, the NAC offers innovative programming in the performing arts.

The NAC was created by Parliament in the 1960s as part of our centennial celebrations. It has served us well these 40 years.

With English and French theatre, dance and music, the NAC gives us access to a wealth of artistry.

More than an Ottawa landmark, the NAC works with theatres and music groups from across the country to help develop Canada’s artists and to give audiences memorable performances. Classical music, variety, dance, community programming and theatre —

— the NAC has it all, and in both official languages.

As the senator for Ottawa-Rideau Canal, I encourage all honourable senators to spend an evening at the NAC and enjoy the artistic excellence that is always showcased there. As it starts its fifth decade, I say to the NAC that, just like senators, you are not getting older; you are just getting better.