When Joe asked me to come and speak to you this evening, I was honoured.


Joe and I know each other as fellow Liberals.  But we also had a chance to work together when he was Parliamentary Secretary for the former Prime Minister and I was the PM’s Director of communications.


I came to know him as a hard worker and a dedicated Member of Parliament – an essential member of the team.


I also recognized someone, who like me, comes from a small town.  Someone who has the old fashioned values that come from being raised in a small town.


Over my career, I have learned that small town values are also Liberal values.  Values like hard work, honesty, compassion, and sharing.


Since 1997, Joe has been an important part of the Liberal government.  The same Liberal government that brought about a historic turnaround in Canada’s economic picture.

The same Liberal government that turned deficits into surpluses.


The same Liberal government that brought in the National Child Benefit, historic investments in health care, research, and innovation.


The same Liberal government that put in place historic tax cuts.


The same Liberal government that brought in seven consecutive balanced budgets.

The same Liberal government that is committed to health care, learning, and increased opportunities.


Joe Jordan proudly upholds the Liberal legacy of Pearson, Trudeau and Chrétien, a legacy that stresses the importance of doing good on behalf of Canadians.


As I said earlier, I come from a small town in New Brunswick where we have several local expressions, some more polite than others.  But one expression comes to mind when describing this community.  And that expression is:  SOME GOOD.


I think Joe feels SOME GOOD to be a part of this community and the reason I am here today is to tell you that he does SOME GOOD on your behalf in Ottawa.


The people in Leeds Grenville should know that there is plenty of room in our party for fiscal conservatives with liberal social views.  They will be comfortable with Paul Martin’s Liberal government.  They will be comfortable with Joe Jordan as their Member of Parliament.


I know that Joe considers government as an agent of good.  As a parliamentarian, he helps create the conditions that provide individuals and communities with opportunities to flourish.  Joe is a true statesman.  He understands where he comes from and takes great pride in that.


He will never forget who he represents in Ottawa and you will do well to make sure he continues to do just that.  He will work toward the common good. And I think all of us here can agree that that is SOME GOOD.


So tell your neighbours about Joe Jordan.  And tell your neighbours to think about the consequences of a Stephen Harper government.  On Election Day, when they walk to the ballot box, ask them to remember these words:  Prime Minister Stephen Harper?


I don’t think so.


Thank you very much.