Senator Munson launches an inquiry into the treatment of autism

For Immediate Release


OTTAWA – The Honourable Jim Munson, Senator (Ottawa – Rideau Canal) rose in the Senate today to launch an inquiry on the plight faced by parents of children with autism.


“It is heartbreaking to see what families with autistic children have to deal with,” said Senator Munson.


“Where is the universality in health care that Canadians are so proud of?  It’s not to be found if you have autism,” continued the senator from Ontario.  “The Canada Health Act does not specify autism treatment as an Insured Health Service.”


“Autism knows no borders.  It is time for the Government of Canada to show leadership – in the same way that we have shown leadership with Canada’s Drug Strategy or our Diabetes Strategy.  We need a National Autism Spectrum Disorder Strategy.”


Senator Munson hopes that with the support of his colleagues that this inquiry may become the focus of a study of a Standing Senate Committee.