Statement by Senator Jim Munson: autistic children deserve better

For immediate release
Senator Jim Munson calls on Prime Minister Paul Martin to work with the provinces to create a national autism program.


Senator Munson says that Prime Minister Paul Martin’s pledge to shorten waiting lists in five key areas should be expanded to include the early treatment of autism: “The fact is autism is a growing problem in Canada.  It affects one of every 200 babies born each year.  The numbers are growing and what we have to offer families is a patchwork of treatments, long waiting lists, and coverage that depends on where you live.  Too many parents are left on their own to deal with the many needs of an autistic child.  The resulting financial burden can be overwhelming.”


In his reply to the Speech from the Throne, Senator Munson says: “the issue is universality. The people affected are our most vulnerable citizens who are being denied treatment that is proven to work.”  Senator Munson emphasizes the need for a national vision: “There must be a national will and with that a national autism program.”