The Late Mr. Denis Boileau

Honourable senators, on Tuesday, our Senate family became a little smaller. Mr. Denis Boileau, the most kind and polite person you will ever meet, passed away suddenly that afternoon. As the Speaker knows, Denis was responsible for the printing department.

Earlier this week, Senator Tkachuk gave a statement about Denis. Following the remarks, we all rose in silent tribute to him, and today I also wish to take a moment to personally honour his life.

Denis contributed to our work in many ways. I was particularly touched by his work with the Friends of the Senate Program. As many know, I have a graduate of this program, Michael, who has Down’s syndrome, working in my office.

Denis played a pivotal role in the design and production of the business cards and stationery we use each day. The quality of his work has an immensely positive impact on how we connect with those we meet. Denis not only made the process possible, he made it perfect.

Honourable senators may recall that the All-Party Party was held two weeks ago. It was Denis’s work that ensured each and every one of you, in addition to some 4,500 others who also work on Parliament Hill, received their invitations by internal mail. This was no small undertaking.

If honourable senators talk to any of their assistants about Denis, they are sad today over his loss. He reflected the spirit of this place. Denis was more than happy to assist me and my assistants, Christian Dicks and Lisa Thibedeau. I did not have the opportunity to properly thank Denis for his efforts, but he deserves recognition for his enormous contribution, in addition to all of his other hard work.

As Senator Tkachuk stated, Denis is survived by his wife, his two sons, his daughters-in-law and two granddaughters. Honourable senators, they have a great person to be proud of in Denis’s life and his work here at the Senate. Our thoughts and prayers are with them as we share in their grief.