The Ottawa Citizen

Honoured home, too

The Honourable Jim Munson

Re: Passing the torch of remembrance, April 10.

Watching the fighter jets fly over Ottawa on Friday, I reflected on Jack Wilcox’s inspiring words in his Citizen opinion article (“Honour our dead at home,” April 9).

I was thinking of former Senator Norman Atkins whose father fought at Vimy. Senator Atkins has a remarkable letter from his dad after taking Vimy Ridge. I also have memories. Memories of days in the late 1980s when I went to Vimy as a CTV reporter and talked to the veterans of the First World War. I will never forget their faces nor the quiet conversations.

I had a number of uncles in the Second World War. Many returned, one didn’t. He was my uncle Lloyd Munson. Every year I stop for a moment to remember him and those who fought for this beautiful country.

Vimy defines us as a nation. I support Wilcox’s efforts to build a Vimy Ridge memorial in Ottawa. Sacrifice should always be remembered and honoured. There is no better place than on the rich soil of Canada.

Senator Jim Munson,